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Getting Stronger and leaner

Start Losing Weight & Feeling Great!

It's time to lose fat and build lean muscle...While improving your mood, sleep, bone density, and quality of life!

Finding the right gym can be frustrating because there are so many choices...

...We also understand that committing to a gym can be intimidating and this is exactly why we designed our FREE Getting Started Package! 


It's a test drive for our gym!

We're here to help you....


✔️Building Confidence

✔️Feeling Comfortable in Clothes

✔️Boosting Energy+

✔️Lessening Stress on the Knees

✔️Improving Sleep

✔️Decreasing Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

And more!


We want people to look AND FEEL their best!


That's why we created a Get Started Package that we are giving away FOR FREE to show people just how good they can feel in a short amount of time with TARGETED and EFFICIENT workouts.


For People Who Want to Transform Their Body and Transform Their Life


Get our FREE Getting Started Package: 


➡️2 Personal Training Workouts 


➡️14 Day Trial Of Our Small Group Workouts


➡️30 Day Clean Eating Guide with healthy yummy recipes! 


➡️ Sample of Our Delicious Protein Powder to try! 


➡️JNA Protein Shake Guide to make delicious fat burning shakes!


➡️JNA Out To Eat Guide - A guide to healthy eating in Bergen County! 


➡️Daily Motivational Text Message to make sure you stick to your goal! 


This is FREE! There is no credit card required… 


Hurry before this package runs out…we are only offering 15 more spots!

Get Started In 3 Simple Steps:

1) Fill Out the Form on this page

2) Lookout for a text and email from us 

3) We'll connect to discuss your specific goals & get you started on one of our trial programs 

What are your goals?

JNA Wyckoff

760 Braen Ave

Wyckoff, NJ 07481

JNA Waldwick

140 Franklin Turnpike

Waldwick, NJ 07463




Mon 5am-7pm

Tue 6am-6pm

Wed 5am-7pm

Thurs 6am-6pm

Fri 5am-5pm

Sat 7am-12pm


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