Less time. More results. Let's do this together!

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Show Up and We'll Do the Rest. 

We're not your average gym that gives you dumbbells and machines and leaves you on your own. Instead, our team provides workouts designed to get you results and build a stronger body. We are with you to encourage you and hold you accountable every step of the way. We've got what you need for success. Show up and we'll do the rest! 

Less Time. More Results.

Too busy to workout? Not anymore! After coming to JNA Fitness your workout routine will change forever. In 45 minutes or less, you will have worked through a fun, challenging workout that won't feel like a chore and will keep you coming back for more. More results? More confidence? More life? In less time? Let's go!


"Like most working moms, I always found it difficult to carve out time for mysef, but once I started at JNA, the committment became easy. I love the workouts and LOVE the trainers even more. JNA has helped me to regain confidence in myself and my body - a gift that is priceless." - Michele 

"I've gotten stronger, I love the trainers and there's motivation and energy!" - Deborah

"I had this dream of losing 50lb, never in a million years did I expect to achieve it and gain so much more physcially, mentally and emotionally! Not only has this gym become my place to workout, but honestly my happy place." - Kalli 

"One thing I have accomplished by coming to JNA is understanding the nutrition component - the way I eat and think about food. That's been a really huge part of JNA for me because any gym can help you workout but a gym that can help you workout and do nutrition has the best components possible." - Maggie 

"I keep coming back to JNA each week because each workout is different and always physically challenging. The trainers are so motivating which is what I need in the early morning classes. It's the best way to start my day!" - Rayna 

"The trainers are awesome and the classes are always challenging and fun! I love how you just show up and JNA does the rest!" - Alex 

"I started JNA in January 2019 thanks to my friends. I completed the Shred & Shred Extension Program shortly after. From January to April I lost 25lbs and 12% body fat. Not only have the numbers changed but my outlook and mindset towards exercising, eating, and making healthier choices have also. I keep coming back to JNA because I love the variety of workouts, the positive and friendly atmosphere, and the way I feel! The classes go by quickly and it's a great way to start my day! - Jessica 

"I love the environment, the welcoming coaches and how challenging and fun the workouts are. It is easy to implement in my day to day." - Jonathan 

"I love that the classes are always evolving, so I'll never plateau- every class is a new challenge that keeps me coming back for more. The coaches are amazing too! I've always been athletic, but I'm physically stronger now than I have ever been before. I've also noticed I am stronger mentally and emotionally." - Jen 

"What keeps me coming back to JNA is the people, the results, the way I feel, the energy and the workouts. JNA always says, all I need to do is show up and they'll do the rest." - Kiersten 

"I did the Summer Body Shape Up and lost 20lbs in 5 weeks following the diet and workouts as best as I could. That certainly kept me coming back as well as the community feel of JNA." - Torill